Processes are validated only after following a written protocol.
Personnel regularly receive in-house training for up gradation of skills.

Since BDH CARES for its REPUTATION for QUALITY, it employs only experienced, highly qualified professionals. Manufacturing activities are carried out in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure and the Master Formula.

Regular checks conducted by Q.A. to ensure that the packing is as per specifications.

The Quality Control staff is eagle-eyed and equipped with sophisticated instrument like UV and FTIR spectrophotometers, HPLC and GC, and microbiological testing equipment.

All equipments, instruments and processes are validated only after following a written protocol. The data generated by these exercises is meticulously recorded and preserved.

Both technical and maintenance personnel regularly receive in-house training for upgradation of skills. Our Quality Assurance team consists of fanatics who don't miss out on even the slightest infringement of Q.A. norms.

Thus, at BDH quality, safely and efficacy are achieved by careful design-not with a prayer on our lips.

Quality Management System

  • Quality Control Department
  • Quality Assurance Department

Quality Control

  • Sampling and Analysis of RM/PM
  • In-process Quality Control Checks
  • Analysis of Finished Product
  • Microbiological/ Sterility Testing
  • Environmental Air Monitoring
  • Preparation of test procedures
  • Calibration of Analytical Instruments
  • Performing Stability Studies
  • Handling of Control Samples
  • Checking of BMRs

Quality Assurance

  • Preparation of Documents.
  • Control and Revision of Documents.
  • Ensures that all equipments are calibrated.
  • Ensures that all critical equipments and processes are validated.
  • Ensures that products are developed, manufactured, tested and stored so that quality is maintained.